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As many of you know, Billtvshow.com has been “under construction” for many years.  To be honest, it wasn’t actually under construction until late last year, when I decided to get off my ass and do something about it by sitting on my ass and rebuilding the site from scratch.
You will probably notice a fair amount of the content from the previous site has been migrated over to the new site, including our primary project: This Is Bill.  Other content/projects making the trip over include: video gaming content (mostly Rock Band), the I Love Life Comics, and the Redneck Joke List.
You will also notice that there are a couple of new sections of content, which include Staff Blogs and Clowns Attack Hospitals.  The staff blogs will be blog posts written by site staff, in which we will address various topics, mostly in a humorous manner.  Clowns Attack Hospitals is our professionally curated Cards Against Humanity expansion, which has been in development for a little over a year now.
Most of these sections are incomplete. I will run through them quickly and comment on their status, from the most complete down to the most incomplete.
The I Love Life section is pretty much done. New comics will be added periodically.
The Redneck Jokes section is functional for now, though I plan to add an uncensored version of the list in the future and also add a random joke generator directly into the site. The list now contains almost double the jokes that were available on the old site, as we have been continuously updating it since the old site went stagnant. Again, new jokes will be added periodically.
The This Is Bill section has a complete, comprehensive history page and nearly all of the Youtube era videos are up on the new gallery, but none of the old videos have been migrated over. I am still figuring out exactly how I want to handle those. The cast page has also not been completed. We do plan on making more This Is Bill videos in the future.
The Gaming section may end up just being the Rock Band section. Because we have such a massive body of work in Rock Band videos, we want to feature those. That video gallery is just starting to be populated. This section will probably see some reorganization. With Rock Band 4 having just come out, we do plan to make more Rock Band videos in time.
The Clowns Attack Hospitals section is more or less complete, other than adding the cards. We are still figuring out how exactly we want to present them and distribute them. That said, they should be up in some form very soon.
The Staff Blogs section is utterly blank at this point. Tyson and I currently plan to write blogs, but we have not started on those yet, as getting the other content migrated / generated has been a higher priority.
Lastly, I will probably add some sort of “Other” section to feature other projects and videos of note.
As for the other content from the old site, it is being branched off into a new site.  I will be creating a personal website to feature my music and artwork.  In other words, all of the music and art from the old site is going to go there and anything new that I produce in that ilk will also be posted there.  That site should be up sometime in the near future and I will let you know when it is, but for now, let’s call it… *gasp* under construction.
So the best thing you can do at this point is to explore the new site and see what all is here.  New content, edits to content, blog posts, news about the site, and so forth will show up on the main page of the website, so make sure you check there often. Even better, you could follow our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook, where updates will also be posted. Thanks for checking out the new site and enjoy.

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