Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/22/2007: Stephen Assigns "This Is... Bill" To The Cast of Rutless

Your task is to film a stunt/skit for "This Is... Bill".
Just in case you have never watched This Is... Bill, here is the link to the videos: This Is... Bill Videos
This Is... Bill is the flagship of the Billtvshow.com website and original reason for the site. It is a Jackass style show that we produced back in the early 2000's. We have been talking about doing a third season for a long time and we even have filmed some good stuff for a third season, but we need a lot more and things have grown stagnant. Thus, I am throwing this task out there. Everyone on the cast must film a This Is... Bill style skit or stunt. If it is good enough, it could be featured in the third season. Suggestions: Public pranks, physical harm, hilarious acting. Watch the videos for ideas. (We've got eating skits covered for this season btw ;P)
Try not to duplicate or imitate our old ideas and try to be fresh and original, but within the Bill style. All submissions obviously must be video. Don't do anything to risk your well-being or life and we are not responsible for any injuries, the decision on what you do is ultimately up to you. All individuals involved must submit a video in which they are a star of the stunt or skit. Therefore, if you happen to film this along with other Rutless cast members, you will need to film a skit/stunt for each of you, so we should end up with 6 videos in the end. Have fun and don't die! You have two weeks to complete this one (August 4th).

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Monday, July 23, 2007

7/22/2007: Todd completes "Telephone, Telly Font".... sort of..

I had 21 teenagers on Friday night for a Youth Lock-in. We had a blast and we played quite a few games. I was going to insert this game in the place of one of the other games we had planned, however they didn't want to play "Telephone"... try as I may.
It's my own fault really, I let them play a game called "Underground church" where there were 4 teens who were the "cops" and the rest of the group were christians. The cops were trying to keep the christians from getting into their church (which was one room in the actual church building). They chased each other and dragged each other to "jail" all night long. Little did I know how popular this game would be! Some of these kids had some repressed anger/cruelty to release. Whenever one of the christians would get thrown in jail, they were tortured by having to sing a song out of tune or stand on their head or say the alphabet backwards (fun toture!).

We also played a game called "Spew" with Alka-Seltzer and Ginger ale. Put the two in your mouth together and the last one to spew wins! Hilarious!

Another game we played was "Cracker ping-pong". You put a ping-pong ball in the middle of a table and two contestants on opposite sides of the table. When I said go, each contestant would put a cracker in their mouth and the first one to blow the ping-pong ball off of the other side of the table won. Needless to say, they probably spit more cracker on their opponent than they ended up eating!

All in all, it was a very fun and tiring night. I had no idea how old I had gotten until I tried chasing 21 teenagers around the church building. I'm actually surprised that I could almost keep up with them speed-wise, but I paid the price for it yesterday afternoon. I had more muscles hurting than I knew I had.

I didn't get to play the "telephone" game, but they wanted to play underground church about 5 times. So, this night was definitely out of my rut and that's the point, isn't it!? :D

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/20/2007: Stephen Assigns "Telephone, Telly Font" To Todd

You must play a game of telephone with at least 6 people, including yourself.
The game is telephone. All the players get in a circle. The first person has a phrase and they whisper it to the next person and it continues around the circle until it gets to the last person and they must then say the phrase out loud. Odds are, it will have changed since the start and that is the fun of the game. You must use the 5 phrases that I provide you. A few things to remember: Whispers only. Only whisper the phrase once to the next person. Be ready to write down the resulting phrase so that you can post it here for us later. Post reactions and possibly audio if you can.
The 5 phrases you must use:
1. Mahogany tables don't look good painted fuschia.
2. Canteloupes are good for you in the morning.
3. Storm surge is up to over sixteen feet.
4. Cabin fever is contagious in many parts of the southeast.
5. My midichlorian count is well over a thousand parts per million.

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7/20/2007: Stephen Has Completed "Trick This!"

Well, when I started out, this seemed near impossible to do. I started out trying to do it off of the ground and then off a tee. I looked like a duck flailing as it was mauled by a wolverine. Then I tried hitting the ball off of the driving range mat, with a slight incline in it. I kept going under the ball and it would simply roll backwards. Then I put Tyson's wallet in front of it and tried that and eventually I got it to flop backwards just a few feet. But, overall, up to that point, it was a failure. Little did I know the kid in the video had actually stacked two balls on top of each other. This is exactly what the driving range owner suggested, so I did that and that worked fantastically. In fact, all 3 were higher than the kid's shot in the video. I didn't even think about him catching it in the video until after I just rewatched it. That wouldn't have been hard to do either, I just wasn't trying to. Anyways, check out the video.
Golf Trick (Medium: 3.97 MB)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

7/20/2007: Nathan Assigns "Trick This" To Stephen

Your task is to try to recreate a golf trick shot I saw on YouTube.

Requirements: Video yourself trying to recreate this golf trick shot. GOLF TRICK SHOT I might suggest trying it with plastic balls instead of real ones, so not to loose any balls in the process. If your get good at it then try to do it with real golf balls and film that for a later post if you want to.

Have fun with this and I want to see it next time on the course.

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7/19/2007: Nathan Has Completed "Micheal Vick"

This was the craziest thing I have done yet. I think the people around here think I am crazy now. I tried to explain myself to a couple of the people, but they didn't want to hear it.

I went first to the local park and started to hand them out to people that were walking around the walking park. I got a couple of no think yous and one or two "Is this for real". I did happen to get one teenager to take it and said that he would come. I had to explain myself then. I told him that if he could fine the place then he could come, but don't expect me there. I put one up on the bathrooms at the park just to say I was there.

I then went to a grocery store and went around the parking lot putting them on windows of cars. I got a old man mad and he told me I better get out of here and not to come back with crap like this.

So I finally went to the local Burger King and asked the guy behind the cash register to put one up in the restaurant. He went and got the manager and she told me that if this was for real then she was going to commit me to Broughton. I finally had to confess that I was doing it for a task on a website and she laughed and tried to play along the best she could.

In all the task was interesting to see how people reacted when a normal guy went and handed out what would be a crime in this town. I am glad that I won't see these people to much or they would start spreading a rumor about me.

Here is the flyer:

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7/19/2007: Nathand Accepts "Micheal Vick"

I think this will be an easy one that I can do with the wife away on in service. I hope that I can make it unbelievable enough where people won't really take me for real.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/18/07: Allison Assigns "Michael Vick" to Nathan

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Your task is to make a fictional animal fight at a fictional location in Hudson, and to pass out fliers to a few people to let them know about your fictional fight. Michael Vick was recently indicted for owning a house where dog fighting took place, so it inspired me.

Your animals can be anything you want. Cats, Zebras, Ligers, or something you make up will do just fine. Just make sure you use a fictional location in Hudson (the town where Nathan lives) so that people don't try to arrest anyone :)

Post a copy of your flier for us to see and tell us people's reactions to this animal fight.

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